Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cooper in the Garden

Today Judi Riley, author of "When I Am Quiet On Maui" and "When I Am Quiet On Oahu" and creator if the "JavaLavalava" came to visit me and pick greens from my garden! http://www.tikitales.com http://www.twitter.com/tikitales
Cooper is Judi's son pictured here with a zinnia he picked. My puppies were a little crazy and wild so we had to keep them in their pen while we explored my garden in the rough )... ( I call it that because of all my husband's collectibles you have to pass by in order to find my pretty garden ) ...

It was fun showing Judi and Cooper around my place and introducing them to Birdie, Minnie, Buddy, Honey Boy and Precious....Can't wait to get together again to share our creativity!

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