Sunday, February 5, 2012

Gorgeous day at Ka'anapali Maui

Today we hopped in the tour van for a special beach tour on the West Side of Maui. We made a stop at Piliani Kope and Lahaina town, then headed straight for Ka'anapali Beach with boogie boards, inflatable boat, snorkels, masks and fins, watercolors and our New York girlfriends. They had never been snorkeling. Kaanapali was breathtaking today. They saw tons of fish at Black Rock. I painted and enjoyed the sea.


Suddenly in the afternoon the weather changed to super windy and the ocean like a washing machine. Waves built up and tumbled the raft and my husband lost his hat and goggles. He continued to search nearly until sunset and all that washed up was a bootie.


Clouds covered the sky and we saw it had rained heavily Up-Country upon our return. Winds had lifted car covers and the grounds were soaked.


Another gorgeous day in paradise.


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Marilyn Jansen Lopes

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