Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Most Delicious Oriental Salad

I just made the most delicious salad!


Necessity is the Mother of Invention... All I had in my fridge was a few leaves of kale, Bronze leaf lettuce, a Bermuda onion, Napa cabbage, a Japanese cucumber, some walnuts in the freezer, dried cranberries and a granny smith apple...


I made a dressing with about 3 TBSP vegetable oil, a couple splashes of rice wine vinegar, 1TBSP sesame oil, soy sauce, sugar and a shake of powdered ginger, organic blue agave sweetener whisked together and it was delicious!


OMG I love my chiffonade of kale and all these flavors blended together. Sweet cranberries, tart apple, dark green healthy leaves... I'm feeling terrific already.

Aloha Tuesday, everyone.

Marilyn Jansen Lopes

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