Sunday, May 15, 2011

So many great pies!

The Pie TweetUp at Kula Country Farms hosted by Dania Katz of Edible Hawaiian Islands was a fabulous success. More than twenty-five people came. It was amazing once the pies sweet and savory started to arrive.


My Mango Pie


Dania's Strawberry Rhubarb Hibiscus


Nadine @SneekPeekEats Surinam Cherry lattice top pie...


@Jen Russo made a wonderful pizza. There was a potato cheesy delight and Purple sweet potato, a chocolate
Pie, a tangerine chiffon by @Spektecula and savory pies by @ShannonWianecki.
@KulaFields Roxanne created a macadamia nut pie and I lost track of pies I was so busy meeting and greeting the crowd that Dania put together. More photos later...
Marilyn Jansen Lopes

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