Sunday, February 13, 2011

My friend Debbie Cabrido at my studio

Debbie holding one of my hand-made cards. I love making them...
Ray and Debbie Cabrido ( Automatic T-shirt Printing ) have printed all my designs. They owned Silk Graphics for 18 years before selling that business.
Ray is highly creative and a wonderful entrepreneurial spirit. He has helped me through the entire process of designing for the silk screen process on fourteen designs all done in 2009. Debby is a lovely person. They are truly partners for life. Hard working, loving parents, grandparents of seven... If you need a t-shirt printed you should call Ray for a quote.
(Automatic T-Shirt Printing)
Tell him I sent you. That would be neat.
808 264-6425 Ray is one of the only printers on Maui that will print a minimum of 24 Tees. That is how I was able to try so many designs.
You will love doing business with him.

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