Thursday, June 10, 2010

Just Picked Lychee from our own tree

Beautiful, sweet, super juicy Lychees

Just peel the skin off and enjoy.
Watch the pit.

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  1. that looks so yummy Marilyn. BTW I recently tried this fruit called star apple which sort of taste like lychee but w/o any tartness and so much sweeter and so much better! It looks like a lilikoi on the outside. You chill it, cut it in half and spoon eat it. I heard it is everywhere in the Philipines but not so common on Oahu. So so good!!!

  2. We can only get Lychee Juice from specialty stores here, but they sure do look delicious!!! Would you mind if I used your lychee picture to make a few of my designs??? Let me know if you get a chance.... THANKS!!!


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