Saturday, June 12, 2010

I Love My Peas

You must plant your own gardens!

It is such a joy to pick peas, string beans, kale, lettuce, daikon, zinnias, radishes and now tomatoes.
Really, the work is in the preparation of the soil and the first planting.
After that it is just watering the seedlings carefully with a spray that saturated but doesn't wash the seeds away and once established, it can be a deep watering every other day.
If planted closely with companion plants to deter pests (onions, garlic, chives, mint, basils,marigolds) the plants will thrive.
The nutrients I add to my soil are bone meal to promote root growth, and compost a few times in the early stage.
I have used chicken manure in my flower beds.
So choose a spot that gets at least six-eight hours of full sun, dig your dirt and mix in some compost, mulch and nutrients to make a nice loamy soil.
Moisten it daily and plant. I start with seeds and small "pony packs" if plants already started for instant gratification.
You will be so happy!
Stay tuned. I'll tell you how to plant squash, pumpkins, beans, peas and how important it is to thin your seedlings so the best plants can grow yo full size.


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