Thursday, February 11, 2010

Even Hawaii people need a get-away! Wai`anapanapa Hana, Maui

    Wai`anapanapa is the place we love to go to get away from it all. As you can see it is a wild and beautiful place. Ancient Lau Hala trees grow thickly and look almost prehistoric. You can imagine what the land may have looked like before humans set foot on the island. Coconut palms are also native which means they were here before man. They easily floated on the ocean and took root at the coastline.

  This gorgeous bay at Wai`anapanapa State Park near Hana, Maui attracts tourists every day. Vans and buses drop the visitors off at the end of the state park so they can walk the trails and take photographs of the magnificent park. The black sand beach is in the distance.
Some more adventurous choose to walk the trail along the cliffs to view the fantastic surf crashing along the lava and the blow hole spraying high into the air.
These are some of my favorite pictures.


When you come to Maui be sure to take the long journey to Hana. It is a touch of old Hawaii and worth the drive. I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

ALOHA for now,

The Artful Hawaiigirl 

If you want to know how to make your dreams come true see my books at  The Amaryllis of Hawaii series is all about how to make a dream come true. I wanted to help people who had forgotten how to dream and how to be happy by sharing my joy of life and love of Hawaii.

   If you know someone who needs a little inspiration or is going through some struggle in life, I'd love to share my enthusiasm for these islands and a joy of cooking and planting that can bring a lifetime of happiness to them. Many young people are searching for their passion and I encourage you to try many things to find what you love. Work hard to pursue your dreams always keeping a vision of you want in your mind. It is only with a vision and believing in yourself that your dreams can come true!

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  1. Oh, Marilyn..what a beautiful place! Ya; know beautiful is an understatement. You guys are so've got magnificent sceneries.

    That tomato is beautiful as well. Perfect for valentines he!he!he! I bet that salad was so crisp, fresh and delish!

    Thanks for sharing you wonderful state!

  2. Ditto to TaGa_Luto very beautiful, rich in colors and the tomatoes have me wanting a nice salad as I post. Thank you Marilyn for sharing such wonderful pictures that capture equally wonderful memories of your outing! Bless you and family too, Wes

  3. What a stunning place Marilyn! Thankyou for taking us along your stunning journey! :o

  4. Hi Lorraine, thanks for writing. I'm glad you got see our beautiful Wa'anapanapa!


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