Monday, October 12, 2009

4 more days to Win A Bunch of Prizes from Amaryllis of Hawaii

Win all these Prizes from Amaryllis.
You could win all these items below:
A set of my books

Silk-screened t-shirt of your choice (I have over 14 designs)


          Men's Tank ti-leaves on front           Hawaiian Ingenuity on back

              Hand-Painted tee designed just for you!

One Lilikoi "Passionfruit" Jelly made by The Artful Hawaiigirl on Maui.

Beautifully gift packaged.

A One hour design session with Marilyn.

In this session I will give you a choice of either learning a recipe with me, an hour of t-shirt design in Illustrator, or How to paint on tees in the Watercolor style. This could be in person if you live on Maui or via Skype if you live elsewhere.

The total package is valued at $350.00

I am reviewing the entries
and will choose a winner by October 15th, 2009.
Winner will be announced and prizes awarded that day!

So hurry if you want to enter.

What would you do to inspire people during this economy?
I love Hawaii and I'd love to share my inspiration with you!


The Artful Hawaiigirl


  1. What a wonderful prize Mariyln! Sadly I can't win being in Australia but that jam looks amazing! I've heard how lovely Lilikoi is by so many readers after you mentioned it! :)

  2. Dear Lorraine,
    I would say you can win because I would love to send via global priority mail the prize. (if you win) and we could skype if you are interested in that part of the prize! I'd love to meet that way someday anyways! Aloha, I'm posting lots of pics on twitpic from the Maui County Fair. Next Blog post is The Maui County Fair

    Thanks again NQN

  3. I am planning to join. I am on a blog break at A Maui Blog but I will post my answer at Liza's Eyeview. (that actually gets more traffic therefore will inspire more :)

    On Thursday Night Make sure you participate on "Aloha Friday" at An Island Blog and put a link about this contest on your Aloha Friday Post so they can join too :)

  4. Thanks Liza,
    I did everything you said. Now I need to get the html for Kailani's pic for Aloha Friday and An Island Life.

  5. Here is my reply to your question "What would you do to inspire people during this economy?" I would use the talent and the passion God has given me to help others. I believe each of us is given a passion and or a telent and it'sup to us to use it. We can us them solely for our own benefit, but what is more noble is to use them to help others also. For exmaple, for me, I love social media networking and somehow it comes easy to me. What I am doing now is helping the small businesses on Maui gain presence in the social media which would in turn help their businesses and their families and in turn will help Hawaii's economy, and the whole economy is general. I do not have the power or change the economic situation, I have a the ability to help one business at a time with my own little resource. If we pull together all out resources (talents, abilities, etc), we can get through this economic turmoil much easier and faster. So what do I do specially? teach people how to tweet and blog :)

    Happy Wednesday @Jamarilyn :)

  6. Liza, I love it. Yes in so many ways you are an inspiration to other small businesses in Hawaii. Aloha is a gift that must be shared and you are sharing it.

    Thank you,

  7. Marilyn, you are too kind! It would be wonderful to meet up one day :D

    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a gorgeous New Year and may it be filled with love and laughter! xxx


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