Saturday, September 19, 2009

Art Sale Today at UpCountry Fine Arts

Art Sale today Saturday September 19, 2009 at Up-Country Fine Arts!

In case you didn't know, there is a beautiful little fine art store conveniently located in Makawao town. I love to stop by for paints and paper often when I am doing my business at the Makawao Post Office or library.

The owners Peter and Pamela Neswald are extremely knowledgable about all their products and are very generous with that knowledge.

Pam and Peter also love to paint and you can sometimes catch Peter playing guitar outside the store or doing a demo on canvas. Peter is also a scientist.

I love these golden paints and products. The pigments are incredible. I use them for painting on tees in the watercolor style with the fabric painting medium added to the acrylics. A little bit of golden goes a long way for me.

They carry all the high quality paints, canvases and brushes and you'll be surprised to find 25-50% off everything in the store today as they celebrate their second anniversary of being open in Makawao.
For so many artists and students, it is a great place to get stocked up on supplies. Students up-country at Seabury Hall will enjoy these discounts today.

Some of Pam's Surfer girl art.

So stop by today for some great deals on canvases, paints and brushes in Makawao Town at Up-Country Fine Arts and meet Pam! :)

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